I was fired today. I will write about the experience some other time far in the future. What you should know is this:

  1. Always have prior ADA documentation if you can. I have no leg to stand on because I was in the process of setting up mental healthcare after not having it for ~9 months, a situation in which my healthcare was terminated before I could get ADA accomodations for graduate school continuation.
  2. They weren’t wrong. I wasn’t a model employee by any means. The things I needed for success were not possible in that department, which I now know.
  3. I’m currently in search of work. I am open to most kinds of librarianship, though my skill sets and strengths are best utilized in metadata, music liaison work, and positions that have a hybrid tech-public mix so as not to become monotonous in data reading/writing and so as not to be as overwhelming as full time teaching is for my temperament. I am highly qualified to conduct research (for tenure track) and am more than willing to go back to school to earn another advanced degree.