Lots of cool projects are coming out of funemployment. You probably may have guessed based on the last post that I will be writing a more substantial piece on the Digital Humanities soon. I will probably approach it as both an under-credentialed humanities scholar and a library data worker, both of which feel like alienated identities from “The Digital Humanities.” More will come once I know what I am working with and I am not just reacting to so-called canonical texts.

The second is a database for critical cataloging/metadata studies, a collaborative effort with some people from #critcat twitter to build off of Jessica Schomberg’s already great bibliography.

The third will be a paper based on nina de jesus’s well known paper using parts of their open source outline. I’m going to write about locating scholarly communication in institutional oppression, or at least try. You can find my progress here - just compare changes to my fork.

Spring is here.