Crawling to the Starting Line - Guest Post on Librarian Burnout

- 1 min

Today I had the great fortune to have my story about burnout in library school and the post-school job search featured on my dear friend Maria Accardi’s Librarian Burnout blog. I think it’s great that the topic has gained so much traction on twitter today following my post, but I worry about the long-term solvency of employment change. I have been vocal about as much today. The amount of private and public reaffirmation from other students and young professionals as well as the amount of light bulbs that went off with older professionals when people started sharing gives me heart that 1. we don’t have to be silent or take shit from employers and that 2. there are sympathetic people who want to be on our side and who want to change employment practices for the better.

But as my friend Rachel mentioned in a conversation, change in higher ed (and in general) is hard and we are tired. Not just us here at the bottom of the ladder begging for scraps, but those of us who want to get the scrap feeders into real jobs with benefits. Nor is this problem limited to academic librarianship, though that’s where 85% of my applications are going. In my own life, I just don’t care anymore. I’ll do something for decent money and leave librarianship in the dust if I have to.

Maybe I just wasn’t meant for this in the first place.

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