In defense of the human: an outline

- 1 min

Preface: This is a very rough, early, un/der-researched outline for a likely-book length document I may or may not write. The goals and values of the semantic web are not the same as the goals and values of librarians and information professionals with any inclination toward social, economic, human justice. The future of the catalog, as it is regularly called, extends the reach of the surveillance state with librarians as willing, labor-surplus providing participants.

THESIS-ISH: The technology underwriting the semantic web and the “smart bot” automation end goal runs counter to justice-oriented librarianship [like Samek 2001]. We should be critical of where, when, why, and how much metadata we build on the premise of the Semantic web for the sake of our humanity in a dehumanizing global automated capitalism, for the safety of our users and communities, and for the deployment of librarianship against the invasive surveillance capitalist state and for reparative justice.

see more here.

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