Technical Difficulties

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Hello, friends. It’s been a while since my last dispatch. I thought I would take the time to get you up to speed and to talk about what’s coming next. A lot has changed both in my personal life and in the world around us. I hope to write a second post concerning the latter, but I have to think about what I want to say, how I want to say it, and whether I need to say it.

Since you last heard from this blog, I’ve cycled through a few jobs and moved up the East Coast to Boston. Right now I’m working as a tech project assistant for a music school where I am responsible for helping to implement a vendor discovery service and for taking on some cataloging responsibility for a permanent staff member’s term leave. I’m also working at a local public library’s reference desk 1-2 days a week on the side. While I was in DC, I was working part-time for a government agency focused on environmental investigation of inorganic chemical accidents. The big news, however, is that I will be moving back to Washington in 2017. I’ve taken a job as a Cataloging Librarian at the Library of Congress in the Music Division. I’m over the moon about this opportunity and I hope to do well once I get there. I’m also hoping that it will provide me the opportunity to engage more with you and others. I’m lucky enough to be presenting at MashCat 2017 in conjunction with ALA Midwinter in Atlanta in January; please let me know if you will be there. I cherish nothing more than the chance to come together with friends and get things done.

More to come. I hope this space continues to be lively for me in the coming months.

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